Hey, I'm Sara.
A product designer based out of Dallas, TX, USA.

I create explorative designs that solve problems with tested and intuitive solutions


I seek to understand the effects a product has on human behavior. Through this lens I create data-driven designs that unearth and approach problems with intuitive solutions.

Creativity has always been core to me. I have a strong musical background as a composer and vocalist that I celebrated with my modern fusion EP, SINK or SWIM, and my pop-rock group, K SaraSara.  Composing music taught me a lot about problem solving and finding creative solutions, which are two skills that have helped me adjust well to the practice of UX Research and Design.

I taught elementary school (ESL and fourth grade), as well as voice and beginner piano lessons.  Being a teacher presented many challenges.  I learned how to break down and communicate information in a comprehensible manner.  Working with children, I had to observe what worked and what didn’t and adjust accordingly.  These skills have prepared me to work in a team, allowing me to adapt to challenges and work with all different types of people.

What brought me to this career path is my love of psychology and human behavior, and my need for creativity.  My love of learning prepared me to quickly acquire new skills and become proficient in unfamiliar tools.

My values are extremely important to me and I would like to use my knowledge and abilities to find fulfilling work that contributes positively to society.

My free time is spent playing and writing music, hiking, bike riding, reading, meditating and doing yoga. I am an advocate of self-care and putting mental health first.  I am an ally to the BIPOC, AAPI and LGBTQ+ communities.  I intend to do whatever I can to help lift up underprivileged people, as I recognize that I myself am a product of privilege.