Hey, I'm Sara.

A data-driven product designer composing products that work in harmony with the people that use them

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My name is Sara Finkle (she/her).

I'm currently helping SaaS companies create easy-to-use products as a product designer with McG Designs.

Composing music taught me a lot about problem solving and finding creative solutions. Practicing this kind of thinking helped ease the transition into design.I have a strong musical background as a composer and vocalist that I celebrated with my modern fusion EP, SINK or SWIM, and my pop-rock group, K SaraSara.

I taught elementary school (ESL and fourth grade), as well as voice and beginner piano lessons.  Through this experience I learned how to break down and communicate information so that people of all ages would understand. This has helped me conduct research and be keen to changes in behavior while testing.

In my free time you can find me bike riding, hanging at the park or practicing.


What brought me to product design is my love of psychology and human behavior.

I'm captivated by problems, thinking through options and coming with creative solutions.


My experience working in SaaS has fostered my ability to frame design challenges and solve for user needs in collaborative environments to achieve business goals despite constraints.  I also have built and managed a multi-product design system, while advocating for its cross-functional implementation.


I conduct user research, understand the user, design solutions, conduct usability tests and iterate based on findings.

‍I employ design thinking to plan and deliver results.


Based in Brooklyn, NY — available for in-person, hybrid or fully remote work.